Do RAW shooters use the Fuji X DR enhancement feature?

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Re: Do RAW shooters use the Fuji X DR enhancement feature?

Trevor G wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

I'm probably a tad harsh here, but viewed on screen full size it does look a tad grainy.

It could be - I am not a Fuji apologist, but it was exposed at ISO800 to give DR400.

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Trevor G
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It's not too bad, especially viewed on a web page, but I can't help thinking that even if the contrast was high in this shot, it would have been better taken at DR200 and then processed appropriately (though I realise that wasn't why DPreview posted it). I suppose where I get to in all of this is whatever your choice of RAW processor (or not) are you going to be better letting the camera use DR extension (or not). The answer depends on the conditions but (IMO):

1) If you are a jpeg shooter (or rely largely on jpegs when shooting jpeg + RAW), yes, but set the DR extension yourself rather than leaving it in auto.

2) If you shoot RAW, possibly, but if you are confident in your choice of RAW processor you may want to underexpose a little and pull back the shadows in post. That said, I've had a couple of cracking shots that were DR200 but I can only think of one (from the X100) that I was really satisfied with at DR400.

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