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Re: Expose to the Right vs DR Auto, DR200, DR400

djpearlman wrote:

DR 200 and 400 expose to the left to make sure (over-sure) not to clip highlights in jpegs, where they can not be recovered.

That's not really correct.

The exposure is the same - it's as far to the right as your light metering, luminance-only histogram and EV compensation skills allow.

The difference is that overall it is under-exposed in-camera by 1 or 2EV to allow extra highlight detail on high contrast scenes, and then has the shadows lifted in-camera by 1 or 2EV, depending on which DR setting you use.

Less of a worry shooting raw because there is more highlight headroom there. But still, as with slide film in the old days, digital file shadows can usually be recovered to some extent while truly burned out highlights can not. I used to love overexposing tri-x, but don't do that with digital.

And it would be much easier to get better results if our Fujis had proper RGB histograms.

I am surprised there is such little support for my request for the feature:


I show some graphic examples of the problem and solution.

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