To any of your R2000 owners! Snag these NOW before they are gone again.

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Re: Yes only joking Jose:-) (nt)

It's so good considering R2000 drinks much more cyan/magenta/GO juices than any other ink. With these 10 full sets, when someone puts the 3rd red ink, he/she will have probably consumed all the GO and Cyan cartrigdes, and will need to other full set and rely on expensive separate cartridges.

Hmmm, that has not been my experience. Yes on the Gloss Op though. I've actually used up ornage and red at about the same rate as other colors.

I will enjoy the $1.90 OEM carts regardless and I have like 15 full sets at his time

What I do not use at all is Matte Black as I only print luster on the R2000

I am getting about the same colors usages as any of my other 14 printers.

What kind of pictures (subjects) you use to print? What I have concluded by my own experience and from someone's too is that Epson R2000 is somewhat biased to yellow/magenta/red tones (the first quadrant of 2D ab diagram), so it will probably spend more cyan ink to compensate this and produce tones out of this area. Here magenta is consumed almost as fast as cyan though. The GO is the king. Then comes yellow, red, orange, by a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio. Even recognizing a few advantages of OEM ink (less prone to ink density variations and clogs, better GO and ink glossiness, and less dot ink dispersion on paper producing smaller dots) compared to the IJF ink, I would prefer to use the latter because of a more rational aquisition of inks and also for their inherent qualities, not so present on OEM cartridges (larger gamut on 2nd and 3rd AB quadrants, which is an weakness of R2000/OEM inks combination) and less bronzing on every tone. The dot dispersion difference is reduced by printing at Level 5 and is noticeable by naked eye at a not-so-close inspection, a normal distance for print appreciation. To annihilate density variation, I perform a nozzle cleaning if the printer is off for more than 4 or 5 days, even if the nozzle check is perfect (what it usually does).

I do not intend to polemize this discussion. I'm just sharing my own experience, which might be nearer to someone's.

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