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Re: SmartCameras - room for all types.

Smartphones are ubiquitous because a $700 phone costs the purchaser $130 through the carrier's subsidies. Does anyone actually pay the full phone price? I never have, nor has anyone I know done so. Will Samsung or a retailer subsidize the purchase price of a Smart Camera? How? Maybe a 36 month plan for 50 8x10's per month, whether the user prints them or not, or some other revenue generator for the seller. Here's your monthly bill for prints, even though you didn't make all 50 of them, (like unused cell minutes). The phone airtime plans are the "consumable", with the hardware sold as a "loss-leader" to sell the plan for $100 per month for 36 months. We used to sell film cameras at 10% markup, to get the developing revenues. With prints on such a decline, that's no longer viable. Will a Smart Camera sell? Not in big numbers at $700.

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