Comparison of Image Stabilisers: IS on E-PL5, OIS on 12-35/2.8 and IBIS on E-M5

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Do the E-PL5/E-PM2 have buggy IBIS?

sigala1 wrote:

I found this blog post where the guy shows that his E-PM2 has some sort of IBIS-bug.

From E-PL1 days I learnt that IBIS is really best kept off until actually needed or proven to be needed. I found with diligent pixel peeping that ALL shots at safe shutter speeds were being blurred a tiny bit by the E-PL1 IBIS, turn it off and all results were sharper.

So I've carried that on with the E-PL5 and rarely use IBIS. But of course most times I am using the Pana 14-45mm so use the switched OIS instead, as that is easier than using the SCP. Hopefully the OIS works better than IBIS in those critical speed ranges.

One day I will get around to comparing IBIS vs OIS at the critical shake speeds but I've other things to do so might be a while.

As long as you don't pixel peep past 50% then there's usually no problem seen. If you see the problem with a full screen view of the image then there is a problem to chase.

Regards..... Guy

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