D600 purchase - no oil issues on mine

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Re: D600 purchase - no oil issues on mine

stan g wrote:

I've been reading of all the threads concerning oil spots with this camera, so when I upgraded to this simply spectacular camera (from my trusty D300) just under one month ago, I purchased a large rocket air blower more eclipse cleaner figuring I'd need to clean the sensor much more often.

After some 550 plus actuations on this camera, I just shot a white wall at f22 and am happy to report that I have absolutely no dust, oil spots, or any other blemishes visible in the pic. Hopefully it will continue this way as I hit the 2,000 or so shutter activations mentioned as the approximate tipping point when sensor oil spot issues may start appearing.

This is just a note to all potential buyers of this exceptional camera that not all D600s have oil spotting issues. And if mine starts to exhibit Exxon Valdez type spillage, I will have no qualms cleaning the sensor, as needed, myself. It is not a complicated process and well worth the effort considering the extraordinary capabilities of this camera, in my eyes.

Note: camera serial no 305....

That's encouraging to hear.  But just to verify your findings may I ask how you captured and viewed the image?  Were you in FX mode, and full resolution?  Did you view on your camera monitor or on a computer screen at 100% magnification, panning across the entire image?  Shooting white walls can sometimes cause us to make assumptions that a spot is just a shadow or texture on the surface, or vice versa.  A short time ago I shot a wall downstairs in my man-cave and was at first glance horrified at several new spots in a wierd semetrical pattern.  On closer inspection I realized that I had taken a picture of black dry-wall screws that I haven't mudded over yet.  LOL

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