Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Panasonic LX7 or Canon G15.

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5x focal length modifier means wide DOF

tedandtricia wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

You will not be able to use the f1.4 lens wide open and hope to shoot active kids using a big-sensor camera. The DOF is just too shallow; you will have a hard time getting a whole kid in focus or, closer up, a whole face. Small-sensor cameras have an advantage for any active subjects in having wider DOF for the same aperture. I have the f1.4 lens and a GH2 as well as the LX7. The GH2 and that lens takes a great shot of a very still subject wide open, carefully composed so that what is inessential is OOF. For kids running around, forget it (leaving aside the slower focus).

I am under the impression, too, that with siblings, you need a lot of DOF, so although I was talking about that Leica f/1.4 lens, it was mainly with IQ in mind and possibly AF speed. I haven't sat down and tried to figure out if I run a lens at f/2.8 or f/4 on m4/3 or APS-C (have to figure out the crop factor effects too), what ISO I will end up at. But that's what this all seems to come down to. Stopped down lens for wider DOF to capture two siblings in focus, large sensor camera to have high ISO (1600, 2000 or so) that is acceptable, running at a 1/125 shutter speed to freeze motion, fast AF.

Because of the 5X focal length modifier, f/1.4 on the LX7 is like a 24mm f/7 lens on a full frame camera. Back in the days of film, people would have laughed at you if you said that a 24mm f/7 lens had too-shallow DOF to take pictures of kids.

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