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Re: Time Lapse

Barry Stewart wrote:

The only camera that I've owned with time lapse was the Olympus E-10 from about 1999.

It took 4 AA batteries and was a bit of a battery hog — but the time lapse function was well-planned to save energy. The camera would turn on, meter and focus, then take the shot... then go into a deep sleep until the next shot.

Does the G3 behave in the same way? I wish more cameras had this function... though I know after-market devices can be bought. I'm not aware of any that would conserve energy so well as a built-in function.

A camera could be told to go to sleep after a minute... but would the automated after-market time lapse device wait patiently for the camera to fully wake up? Anyone with experience on this?

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I had it set to fire every 60 seconds, and I'm not sure if it went to sleep or not. I'll have to experiment a little more, I guess. The LCD and viewfinder would black out between shots, though. And I flipped the LCD closed in order to save power, as well. Honestly, if I plan on doing more of these I'll get an AC adapter. Battery flipping over 24 hours is a pain.

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