Which Gitzo Monopod 5541 or 5561T ????

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Re: Which Gitzo Tripod 5541 or 5561T ????

topcat5 wrote:

Within the next year I will be buying a Nikon 400 f/2.8 G lens. Trying to work out which tripod to get. I know each one has gone their pros and cons like the 5541 is 2" taller but the 5561T will fold up shorter.

I am starting to lean towards the 5561T but my main concern having 6 legs the last leg is very narrow, I think from memory less than 1" in diameter. Maybe not as steady as the last leg on the 5541? The 5541 having 4 legs the last one is a lot thicker. I do a lot of Landscape photography.

Which one would you get

One last thing the grip on the 5541 is it the same in diameter as on the 5561T?

The 5561 grip is the same as the one on 5541. The bottom leg diameter of 5561 is indeed less than 1 inch, exactly 2 cm, but the monopod is rock steady. However, you need more time to unfold this monopod; and this is its main disadvantage. For the 400/2.8, the GM 5541 is a better bet, IMHO.

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