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Re: Fuji raw files (X20)

andrbar wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

andrbar wrote:

I'm a Nikon user (D90 and P7100) and Im eagerly waiting for the X20 to hit the shelves. Being a VF guy, this is the first high end compact camera with a really usable VF (I mean with shooting info displayed in the VF). Even if with only 85% coverage, it's not perfect, I've been waiting for it for years.

Hmmm ... I would take a modern EVF over a tunnel OVF (even one with shooting info) any day.

Me too. But I don't know of a high end compact with an EVF.

Well, once we understand what level of compactness we are discussing, we can find some fairly small cams with a very good EVF.

The X10/X20 body is large enough that if does not fit in jeans or shirt pockets. At best a coat pocket or large cargo pants pocket. But more comfortably in a very small case hanging from the shoulder.

Once you establish that parameter, you can now look for other cameras that might also fit. The Sony NEX would fit in a pocket, but NEX lenses are not small. An m4/3 body, on the other hand, would definitely fit the same places (there are numerous bodies) and several have optional EVF attachments (I like the GX1 for example) ... coupled with the lovely and sharp 14-42 X VARIO PZ you get a pretty compact unit.

Not saying these are ideal replacements, but they are decent options, especially if there is any value in the flexibility that comes with a wide range of primes and zooms.

And modern EVFs have had shooting info for years.

I know. My first digital was a Minolta A2, in 2004.

Yes. But nowadays they are also bright, detailed and clear.

SOme are even small enough to be as portable as an X20 ... (once you need a case ...)

Could you tell me what compacts you're thinking of? I'm looking for an integrated VF, not a removable one, which IMO, ruins the concept of compactness.

Your choice of course. Was just sayin' ...

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