tilt shift with the 7d

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Re: tilt shift with the 7d

But will I get any kind of results from the 17mm or the 24mm in the meantimewth my 7d? The object is to start doing real estate photography.

OF course the 1.4X crop with the 17 TSE f4 will yield an effective field of view as an 24 TSE on FF.

For interior work this may not be wide enough as the constrained space limits your ability to back up to get the room in to the frame.  However with careful lens shifting (and camera body cross shifting) and subsequent flat stitching even this can be made to work.


For exterior work the 17 TSE on a crop body will work fine as you can usually back up a bit if needed.  In both of these applications a good LCD (as on your 7D) and a steady tripod is needed to ensure appropriate shift lens movement is applied to keep verticals straight.  Welcome to MF with Live View!  That's how tilt shift lenses are normally used.

Mike K

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