Sony Nex 6 with 50mm upgrade.

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Re: Sony Nex 6 with 50mm upgrade.

Fredy Ross wrote:

Thanks all and now I understand and will use manual as I live in a shopping centre and have plenty of opps to practise. I had just upgraded the camera and the lens and went to buy petrol taking some photos from the car in different lighting. I just wanted to see how fast the camera focused. People walking in bad light were too blurred and this place was well lit up so I tried it. Just used it so you could see the exif information not for a photo contest. Personally I don't think the upgrade made any difference as before I went I took my granddaughter and it was erratic in fast or slow focusing. I guess manual ISO is the way to go although annoying. Never had this problem with my canon dslr cameras over the years except when using live view which is far too slow.

You only need manual ISO if it's pretty dark and you need more speed than you can get with ISO 1600.  In the example given, it probably would help.  If the lens is at f2, the DOF is going to be shallow, and you're not going to get everything in focus.  I'm not sure what you want.  Poor light is tough for any camera.

As for the 50mm, I have a legacy 50/1.7 that is my go-to lens for super low-light.  I have to manually focus, is the main problem, but yeah, f2 does help.  But if it's still dark, sometimes you need to boost the ISO as well.

If forced to use a more narrow aperture for more DOF, it makes you wonder if you really need an f1.8 lens... But in many cases, people appreciate the subject isolation of a narrow DOF.

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