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Re: Read A Book and Start Enjoying Your Mac Sooner Than Later...

You need to decide whether to use Imagebrowser or Lightroom, but since both software programs are designed to do the same thing, it becomes very complicated to try to use both simultaneously   It is sort of like trying to be a meat eating vegan.  Assuming you want to stick with Lightroom, you appear to have figured out how to import your new images into LR.  Adding your existing images to the LR catalog is very simple.  When in the Library module, look at the lower left.  You will see Import dialog box. Click it. You will be taken to a screen where you should see all your existing drives and file folders arranged along the left column.  Highlight the folders you want to import to the Lightroom Catalog. Along the top, find the ADD to Catalog choice and click it.  LR will  import all your images in their current location to the LR Catalog.  See many of the great Lightroom tutorials on for help with this. Search for Julieanne Kost's videos.

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