Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

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Re: Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

TonyGamble wrote:


Thanks, Joe, for all that advice. I am just about to watch your video about refilling OEM cartridges. However, as it will take me 25 minutes, I decided to pass on some overnight thoughts.\

There plenty of time and one you see how easy it is you might reconsider upgrading for a while.

Firstly, I wonder why those refillables from China are so much smaller than the OEM carts. If they were the same size I presume they would contain at least a third more ink and need refilling a third less often. Why are they so tiny?

I agree, and wonder the same thing myself

Secondly. Much as I have valued your wisdom I am disappointed that more Cone/2400 users have not surfaced. Maybe they are too buzy out shooting moose or something at the weekend. At least a couple more people saying they find Jon's cartridges reliable and easy to use would restore my confidence. Yes, I can follow your route of refilling OEM and at least I know they work and don't flood my printer.

The R2400, though a damn great printer is old and so there is not too much demand for refillable carts for it as you can see, CONE has let their current stock just run out.

But thirdly...Maybe now is the time to move on from the 2400 to a 3880. What has always deterred me from getting rid of the 2400 before is the fact that, being a cautious chap, I always have had serveral cartridges of each ink in stock. Not many people want to buy three of each colour. Now I am down to about one of each I reckon I can sell the printer and one spare of each colour at the sort of price someone buying second hand on eBay will find tolerable.

You can sell them but people will not pay more than pennies on the dollar for them.

I can get a 3880 delivered within 24 hours of closing the sale. Chat around here suggests that it is not immediately to be replaced. Chat around here suggests that any replacement may be less easy to use with third party ink.

There is zero news on any replacement for this printer that I know of.

The upgrade was to the 12 HDR inks and the 4900 prooved to be a LEMON!!!!!

I'd buy the printer with one spare set of inks. As the first set ran out I'd ask advice as to the viability of refilling the cartridges with my unused Cone ink. I see that Jon sells empty 3880 cartridges but these require me to remove a chip from an OEM one - so I guess it's just as easy to put Cone into the OEM cartridge and use some of that JetTek kit.

You could but you will have to get Vivid Magenta inks for your future 3880 not the regular Magenta.

I have bought OEM 110 and 220ml carts meant for the 4800 and 4880 on EBAY for just about a couple of dollars more per 110ml, and sometimes for less that equivalent CONE volumes. I then extract the OEM inks and refill my R2400 R2880 and PRO 3800s I get OEM performance for about the same as the BEST 3rd party which is cone.

Unless someone surfaces soon I will have to take a view that the two sets of cartridges for the 2400 that Cone sold me are useless - and write them off. You think I am filling them the wrong way. Jon has yet to respond to my Thursday email - but maybe he is also shooting moose this weekend!

The way I fill my refillables has to do with the fact that they do not have a botton fill plug like yours do. I can't even begin to guess if yo did it wrong or not. Since this method is totally strange to me.

New Modern R2400 carts are have a self priming chamber so you simple inject ink ink put the fill plug in and remove the vent tape tab. You could is you wish suck out a bit of ink from the exit port just before inserting into the printer for the first time.

A few questions there for you Joe, and any other lurker.

Hopefully you will hear from him this week.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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