Overexposing V Underexposing

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Mark Weston
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Expose to the Right vs DR Auto, DR200, DR400

With my X100, I shot DR100 and raw. I am waiting for my X100S to play with the Fuji parameters again, but this topic confuses me. It really seems like the Fuji DR settings are doing the opposite of expose to the right by underexposing and lifting the shadows instead of exposing to the right and bringing the highlights back. If I am understanding this correctly, I will likely stick with DR100 and use the histogram. Anyone have any extensive experience comparing the results of DR400 vs DR100 and exposing to the right? Does Auto DR only do this in high contrast scenes where the highlights really are pushed to the right even when underexposing the entire scene? If yes, maybe it is worth giving Auto DR a try. Unfortunately, it looks like Auto DR does not work in Manual mode when I want to lock shutter speed and aperture down for control of motion and depth of field.


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