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Re: This is wrong

sigala1 wrote:

Dylthedog wrote:

I'm not sure what is wrong exactly - I think that you're agreeing that the 14mm is no better than the kit lenses.

I haven't looked at what the 'snobby' prime shooters said yet but will check it out later

Well, you said the following:

"The Panny 20mm is pretty much welded to the camera and right now I use the kit if I want wider, but clearly that's not going to deliver the best quality."

And actually, I think the kit WILL deliver the best quality you are going to get at 14mm. However, if you want to spend a lot of money, the 12mm f/2.0 lens has the absolute best image quality you are going to get at that focal length.

Image quality on the 9-18mm is inferior to the kit lens..

Image quality on the 7-14mm is a mixed bag. Sharpness is there, but there's also a lot of CA and flare issues (and the flare looks purple on E-M5, maybe consider getting a cheap G3 body to go with it, or whatever Panasonic is on sale really cheap). But overall, your best choice in m43 if you want to go REALLY wide.

Ah, I see. Forgive me for using the logic that has proven correct over many generations of cameras/systems in that the kit lens is OK but rarely (note I said rarely) the best available at any given focal length.

I'm not a 'prime snob' but past experience has shown me that it takes a very special zoom to equal a prime for a given job. Of course if the job in hand requires a range the flexibility of a zoom is fantastic and I use zooms all the time - for my FF camera I generally use a wide zoom, a walk around zoom and probably the best lens I own is also a zoom - the venerable 70-200 2.8 IS II. I use primes on my FF when I know the shooting will be limited such as macro, portraits or studio work because they are, generally, sharper.

However, for my MFT system I want different things - the first of which is small. What I like is that I can fit my E-PL5 and a bunch of accessories in bag that I can only get my 5DIII in - almost a complete system

What I'd quite like is a small wide prime, a small standard prime and small portrait prime with the kit as nice flexible backup for social stuff; I've got all but the wide lens at the moment. Of course, I only want a prime if it offers better quality like they used to...

The small factor of the 14mm is nice, but I don't see any advantage if it's no better than a lens I already own. I don't want/need anything as wide the the Panny 7-14mm which is why the Oly 12mm is attractive to me - it's just a little wider than my 14-45 kit and brighter too. What put me off is the price if the photozone pics are truly representative.

Thanks for your steer on the 9-18mm, it wasn't really on the list but I know it has fans

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