Minimum aperture - do you ever use f/22?

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Re: Minimum aperture - do you ever use f/22?

Allowing for the excptional cases , mentioned in this thread ,where small apertures can be a useful compromise in the main the provision of small apertures dated back to the use of film cameras & in particular large negative cameras. Small apertures work better on such cameras as diffraction effects are less obvious as film emulsions have a greater depth than digital sensor. It was common advice in the good old days to use apertures of F 22 & even smaller in order to obtain a deep DOF. Some older users still remember this advice & often use inappropriately small apertures not understanding the loss of sharpness due to diffraction. Lenses differ in the onset of noticeable diffraction , some being better than others.

Macro shots are a special case , the softness due to small aperture induced diffraction has to compete with the loss of DOF which occurs at larger apertures. Small amounts of diffraction softness which loses some detail is less noticeable as detail is generally larger &clearer at close distances & can be sharpened in PP whereas loss of DOF can only be tackled by using small apertures or stacking techniques.

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