Apsc Less is more or is it ?

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Re: Apsc Less is more or is it ?

RedFox88 wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

The number of pixels and their size does not have any effect on noise for any given print size. A What does affect noise is the size of the sensor and the sensor and image processing technology.

Yet many people on this forum were saying that exact thing for years: more pixels means more noise.

So what? Many people said that the world was flat. Doesn't make them right.

What will you all believe tomorrow?

The same as I believe today, unless the laws of physics change.

If the technology is the same a 24MP APS-C sensor will have the same level of noise as a 12MP APS-C sensor.

No, not really. If 5% of an image sensor gets interpreted as noise at high ISO, you'll get more noise pixels on a 20 MP image sensor than you would on a 16 MP image sensor.

Yes, really, except at very low light levels. Your last sentence is nonsense. What does 'if 5% of an image sensor gets interpreted as noise' mean? Where did you get 5% from? And what are 'noise pixels'?

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