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Dave Seeley wrote:


A faster update? One suggestion from a known source is that Canon has loose plans to replace and/or update the EOS 5D Mark III quicker than the previous iterations. Could we see one some time in 2014? I would think a direct replacement would be unlikely, however a small, high performance & higher megapixel DSLR would probably have a place in the market.

*Notice how I didn’t say “EOS-3D :)”


Here's the advert pic and standup I was doing at the outset of this thread... Detail on the Standup is from a bust pic from top of head to mid ribs shot with the EF70-200 2.8L II




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Maybe I am being dim, but can not Genuine Fractals/Perfect Resize give you the pixels you want?

Can you not hire a MF cam for the day if you know in advance that the client is gonna want to have you crop really deep into a picture and then require the cropped portion to be used on a stand-up cutout display in-store?

Or another option, again if you know in advance what the client is gonna ask for, is to buy yourself a slide rail that enables you to slide your camera from left to right and vice versa on your tripod head. You then take each shot in duplicate or triplicate, moving the camera side to side for each composition; in your post production suite you then stitch the shots together to make an almightily high pixel count image. So for example, on a wide shot where you might use a 24mm lens, you instead use a "tighter" lens, e.g. a 50mm, to cram all those juicy Canon Mark III pixels into a smaller area and then to get the wider field of view you move the camera to the left and to the right to get the wider view, stitching all three shots for a final large pixel count image. Of course the problem with this technique would be that you would have a wide field of view horizontally but not vertically.

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