Are crop sensors still relevant or should I just go FX in cropped mode

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Re: Yes, to the first but...

Robin Casady wrote:

ScottnLaguna wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Leaving room for fast action is not peculiar to FX. Of course, higher resolution sensors help and I can't wait to get my hands on a higher resolution DX camera with reliable autofocus. The second is I fear a potentially stultifying trend: the idea that you can discover a good composition during post processing.

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I'm curious why you think finding a better composition in post is "stultifying?" I think most D800 users are finding it liberating.

There has been a school of thought that a photograph must always be composed in camera. Otherwise, it is impure. The subscribers to this religion are often quite snobbish about it. In the late 1960's they adopted a style where they included the perfs from a 35mm negative in their prints to show that they were virtuous.

My personal opinion is that composing in camera is a good discipline for improving one's skills. One can adopt it as a training exercise, or an entertaining discipline, but it is not more virtuous than refining a composition in post. There are many situations where shooting has to be done quickly, or under difficult circumstances, and having the space to refine in post can be very helpful.

There is a point to the idea that leaving composition entirely to post would be a bad. It is quite likely that no good composition could be derived. One should try to get a good composition when shooting, but being able to refine it later is desirable.

As for high resolution DX allowing room for refining composition in action shots, that isn't going to match the D800 until there is a DX camera with 36 MP.

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Thank you Robin. Makes more sense after your explaination. Of course, in camera composition is the goal. Didn't know about "virtuous perf" as proof. I thought it was just a design thing. I remember the hue and cry when digital and photoshop ruined real photography.

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