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sean lancaster wrote:

djanrd wrote:

Did you ask his permission before you took his picture? And did you inform him that you would be posting it on a public forum? I believe the homeless still have some rights.

These topics have been covered quite thoroughly on the Documentary and Street Photography forum (that link is to a discussion from 2010). I tend to come down on the position that people cannot know what my intent is when I am shooting photography so I am a little more cautious than many photographers, I suspect. People who are less fortunate (e.g., homeless, in a wheelchair, dwarf, whatever other disability/condition that is clearly visible) are not going to be the subject of my photography unless I speak with these individuals and tell them my intent or unless I am trying to raise awareness (e.g., poverty in America), which I don't do. I shoot photography for my own enjoyment so I won't shoot homeless just for my enjoyment and to share in photography circles. I have photographed homeless and downtrodden people, but I have always talked with them and explained my intent . . . so my homeless photography always has the person looking at my camera and often smiling. And I have had people decide they didn't want to participate and I did not take a photograph of them. If I was pushing more for social change then I'd shoot more candid shots and make a concerted effort to raise awareness. But the rest of the public is fair game.

But the OP's photo is not impressive to me in the first post as it seemed more like he was posting the image because the homeless person made the OP's composition better. That's unfortunate to me, but this is just my feelings on the topic.

Well put, Sean.  Having seen homeless in my area, I would never use them as a subject without first obtaining their permission and indicating the purpose of the photograph.  The OP doesn't appear to have this consideration.

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