Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

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Re: Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

acahaya wrote:

Aleo, you (and Jay) are doing a very good job here. Thanks for all the effort and for dedicating your time to make this forum a good and relatively friendly place.

I fully support rrr_hhh's quest to not always reply with full quotes including images. When browsing with limited bandwidth this makes the posts awfully slow to load.

I also support Detail Man's suggestion to add a note when you had to delete a post or a thread (unless it was obviously spam). Same thing for moved threads, it is a bit annoying if you answered in a thread that is suddenly gone from the forum and you don't know if it is in thread nirvana or in another forum.

Regarding the image threads: To me they are a bonus, like the salt in the otherwise very technical soup. But for those intersted in system discussions only, the idea to add a images only tag to the title as sugegsted by Pauls is probably a good idea.

Have a nice Sunday,


Thanks, Sabine.

I am on the same page as Aleo about moderation here. Neither one of use wants to be heavy-handed in moderation, and just want to keep the forum a comfortable place for people to post.

I'd like to add that if I have to lock, delete, or move a thread, I generally will either post an explanation on the locked page and will PM the OP about why. Since there is no easy way to notify all the posters of a moved or deleted thread right now, I understand that it can be a bit frustrating for users when this happens. To that end, please feel free to PM me if a thread you are following goes missing, and I will be happy to explain why or where it went. Just remember, DON'T post a thread about it...PM me instead. (That pesky rule #2 pops up if you post about moderator activites, and I HATE having to delete threads due to that.)

As Aleo said, it takes a lot to get banned on this forum. There have been very, very few bans since we started moderating a few months ago, and those have been temporary. Both of us prefer to contact the poster of the post that is in violation and explain why their posts were deleted and give them a chance to stop the violation behavior. If they continue after this, then we really have little choice but to go on and issue a temporary ban. To most people's credit, almost everyone steps back and does not continue the violation postings further.

As to know what, people buy cameras to take photos. If someone is so happy with their gear that they want to post their results, then why not? And, in case you haven't noticed, there is a little photo logo that shows up on the main posting page to the right of each thread if there are any images in it. If you know you don't want to look at images, all you have to do is not open the threads with the logo next to them ...

This forum is an interesting community, and really, the only thing that mods are here for is to keep it civil. Sometimes threads go off topic, sometimes there are questions that seem like they are OT, but are actually related in some way to the use of M43s, and would be best served by leaving them here rather than moving them. It's more interesting and certainly more informative to all if we are not heavy-handed in shutting down everything that does not have M43 in its title. (Of course, a thread of 20 large photos from a D800 is going to get moved pretty quickly )

So, in summary, Thanks, Aleo, for posting this thread, and thanks to all who are participating in the forum. Remember, we are forum members also, and want this to continue to be a fun and interesting place to spend time, for everyone.


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