Why so few Leica reviews?

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Re: Why so few Leica reviews?

grampaeddy wrote:

Take any high end DSLR, add a good lense and you've got the cost of a decent Leica. So, how come so few are reviewed ? If we can afford to carry big heavy exspensive gear, we'd really be interested in something lighter that performs as well. Maybe the big bite is hard on the wallet but pros have some thick skins. Reviews of the Leicas, most sporting full frame sensors would be most appreciated. Traveling with one backpack instead of two (one for camera gear) with a little Leica in the jackeet pocket is appealing. I think the last Leica review was in 2009, and maybe one preview since, maybe one !

I think the main reason is that Leica do not update their camera too often and they have only few cameras types.

Bigger manufacturers have more reviews because they have so many bodies...

They try to make products that can fit any budget, any type of photography...from point and shoot to high end DSLR.

They take a lot more "visual" place than Leica.

Leica is a really small company. Around 1000 employees.

If you think Nikon, we speak more than 25 000 employees.

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