wireless flash on NEX 7

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Re: wireless flash on NEX 7

windowsmaclinux wrote:

The "optical slave" I mentioned in the beginning of the last post is a so-called dumb triggering mechanism meaning the slave flash will fire at full power (or whatever power you set it to manually) in response to any flash pulse, including the preflash which of course is a bad thing in this case. To make it work is very easy. You can buy a small optical slave unit and put it on any flash and it will work, meaning there is no need for the remote flash to have a dedicated receiver on the flash body. It's there to read the Morse code communication signals. In a sense this optical slave no difference from radio trigger except for the range/reliability. That's why I was trying to draw a distinction between this dumb optical mechanism from the wireless communication between the flashes in the Sony system. The latter is a lot more capable.

I think the most reliable way to fire a flash in a soft box is a radio trigger (pocket wizard and the likes) because you don't want TTL anyway.

And no you don't need to shout at me to make your point. Thank you.

optical slave is still optical. you complicate things by starting with "its not optical..." The post is to find out if the NEX system is optical or RF.

Still no answer to my question anybody?

How to trigger a flash inside a soft box with TTL with my NEX 7?

Asked and answered a few times.... Let this drop already.

Pixel King and Phottix Odin have systems to give you radio frequency TTL flash even from inside your softbox. I don't have either, but I've heard great things about the Pixel King system.

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