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Re: My comment suggested neither.........

DFPanno wrote:

Reread it.

DFPanno.  I read it right the first time. I agree it is not pleasant to see homeless, and understand you have concerns that this poverty/mental illness is being exploited and/or does not sit well with you as presented.  Fair enough, and I do not necessarily personally disagree.

Criticizing art is one thing but the personal attack on someone for posting what they see is art really bothers me.

But your final preachy paragraph is what prompted my initial response:

Either present your images as somber social commentary or give me pretty pictures that help me forget how troubled our society is

My concern is that the responses initially provided in the context they were provided serve to kill discussion and dissuade others from ever posting anything related to homelessness rather than fostering fruitful discussion (which may not be appropriate for a photography forum anyway).

Burying images of homelessness will not make that problem go away.  And I don't see the OP image glorifying the  living condition either.  If you read the OP post, he did not suggest the addition of the homeless improved the image.  And I would rather see the essence of the homeless experience from a $3500 camera than an iPhone with a $3500 service contract as it better portrays their plight.

So reread my post and watch the video link to understand I'm not criticizing how you feel, rather how you responded in a stereotypical knee-jerk way that limits the ability to have fruitful dialogue and recommends limitations of free speech.

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