Case of Sigma, DP3 Merrill, SPP 5.5

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Re: Trolling both sides?

well it was a little rude of me to write : Bayer died and Bayer is death . it was not mentioned so and it was a slip of the tongue .

troll ? i see the use of this word very often in the dpr forums . i , personally , d'ont like the word and the use of this word . in dutch we say : alles wat je zegt ben je zelf : everything you say is yourself .

when i say on the sony forum : it is hard to beat the dp2m in resolution is this trolling , because i say that in a sony forum ? i do not think so : i tried myself , with the aid of an other member and using test chards , to obtain  the same resolution with my sony A900 and the dp2m raw files i developed myself : it was hard to beat the dp2M . trolling ?

it is possible (i say possible) that sony , or an other company , wil come with a 3 layer sensor but there are not much sony forum members that are interested . (until sony comes with a 3 layer and than it will be spectacular )

same here in sigma forum :

i see green.magenta blotches in hair . i see what i see and i report that . is this trolling ?

if in both forums i am a troll : what i am doing here ? waisting my time ? or can i add some remarks that can be useful for other members ?

i am a very rational and not emotional man : a cow is a cow and not a dog ! as simple as that .

blotches are blotches .

when you read my texts you will see that i have not a  meaning but that can show the strong and the weak points of a camera system and i can add proofs , because i do a lot of testing myself .


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