First outing with Samyang fisheye

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I've always called that "Bootstrap Special Sauce"

Isacas wrote:

Yes, raymb, I hope you got the point about the images not being de-fished!!!:-D You have to make allowances to age and I'm a 73 year-old chick that still goes around every day taking tadddaaaH de-fished pictures!!! Roel gave us the secret to using this lens as a "normal" super wide angle in his post, and I was taught the same trricks on dppreview by Glen (camberbc at Sony forum) who has taken amazing images of his Fogo Island, Newfoundland home over the yrs and was extremely generous with his fellow shooters. As Roel says (and Glen would likewise say), avoid straight lines on the sides and keep the camera/lens dead level both horizontally and sidewise. That's it. You will see the effect on the LCD or VF. Palm trees with their natural curvature are more forgiving than other trees.... One of the problems with this technique is that the horizon by definition always be in the center of the image (not always the best for composition) but that can be fixed by cropping on pp. Just go out and try it as a landscape super wide angle tool following those instructions and you will see how much fun you'll have! Happy shooting! (And I also use Hemi to defish sometimes, he,he)

Bill "Bootstrap" Turner (RIP) was a great aficionado of the fisheye, and he prouded himself on never defishing but still making images that looked not (very) distorted.  Once I had figured out how he did it, I took to referring to that technique as "Bootstrap Special Sauce".

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