Exactly where are the focus adjustment screws on the A55?

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Re: Exactly where are the focus adjustment screws on the A55?

Is this a normal adjustment required?  I bought an A55 as an upgrade to my old Minolta 7D, and the same thing that frustrated me with the 7D occurs on the A55, focus issues.  Doesn't seem to matter what lens.  As an example, yesterday at a high school basketball game I saw my neighbors across the gym with their little 1 year old, thought I'd snap a few pics at 200mm (beer can at f4).  they were sitting against the gym wall, but I was careful to put the focus on them, got a green square on them, and snapped a few pics.  In all three pics the gym wall is in perfect focus, while the little guy was not.  Drives me freaking nuts, the 7D did the same thing.  I am about ready to dump my Sony and try Canon or Nikon.   Surely it can't be my lenses, since it doesn't matter which one I use.

I didn't expect when I bought the camera that I'd have to fiddle with little screws under the flash just to make it focus correctly.  If its a common thing, does it need to be done with other camera brands as well?  Should I just keep the Sony and start fiddling?

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