Canon G15 or Fuji x20

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Re: Canon G15 or Fuji x20

Staunch wrote:

OK folks I know this gets a bit old but I am having major deliberations. I have a DSLR but am finding more and more that it stays at home due to lugging kids and kit around. I want to get my photo count back up and stop just using my mobile phone as a fall back. So the idea is a compact camera, ideally with a view finder. I don't need to put it in a top pocket but would like it to be compact enough to carry in my jacket. I'm looking for something that will be versatile and produce images on a par to my D200 or near enough. Offering good, intuitive manual control, a fairly friendly interface. Shooting indoors regularly so reasonable low light performance would also be good. I will be using it for general photography as well as capturing moments with the family, so not for sport or anything crazy.

I have done loads of research and have ended up with a toss up between Canon G15 or the Fuji x20. I am drawn to the Fuji by design and look, oh and the digital overlay in the view finder sounds good. I don't really want looks to be the driving factor. Price is now entering into it. I have found the G15 for about £300 online while the x20 is likely to be around £500. Is it likely to be £200 better.

Your thoughts and advise would be appreciated.

It may not be £200 better but the IQ of the X20 is likely to be a smidgen better than the G15 in low light (the size of the sensor in the X20 is 2/3" whilst the one in the G15 is 1/1.7").

As for the Sony RX100 recommendation, you will find a handful of former RX100 users who switched to the Fuji X10 on the Fuji forum. Based on your criteria (ideally a viewfinder, good intuitive manual control), the RX100 may not be too suitable.

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