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Winston Loo wrote:

I picked up an EPL5 yesterday and I am very impressed with the image quality. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for video quality as it is poor to say the least. There appears to be no active image stabilization but movie I.S. is set at the default to perform IS in all directions. As it is, video would be useless without a tripod.

Have I got a bad EPL5, missed a setting somewhere or is this the way it is?

I have an epl5 and gh2/gh3. The oly is terrible for video.
I don't think it's to do with ibis as I turn ibis off and
Use pannys ois. It's just the lousy codec olympus put in their cams for video. I oly use the epl5 for stills

Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping I had a bad EPL5 as I really like the still IQ. It's hard to imagine why Oly would release this with such poor video as many much less expensive cameras have decent video capabilities.

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