Why Haven't Japanese Companies Learned From The Likes Of Apple?

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You are one more example of how photography enthusiast just don't understand what they are talking about. The buzzword of the last two years is firmware, which is an updatable ROM. Well, cue in one company that adjust features in their firmware and you got a horde of know-it-all enthusiast who start using the word to every sauce, like hardware doesn't count; add focus peaking, it's easy to do in firmware, make focus faster it's easy to do in firmware, add this, add that, it's easy to do in firmware. NO IT'S NOT, how about memory, processing power, sensors placement, granularity, resolution. This is NOT a general purpose computer that you just program, every part have been engineered and programmed to tightly work together with the least amount of required power to make sure battery life would last. OH WAIT, we should implement better battery in FIRMWARE, RIGHT BRO? So adding focus peaking in firmware and not as a hardware set of instruction basically eats up every single resource you have and is probably just NOT possible, but wait, we should implement "POSSIBLE" in FIRMWARE, RIGHT BRO? OMG Fuji makes me mad!!! I bought a product and expect them to give me tons of additional features that I dreamed of or are buzzword compliant (I have been using focus peaking for years with pro broadcast cam and you know what? IT SUCKS, most people just turn it off, it's annoying, you know what we do? Use our eyes). I read firmware on a site and it's like unicorn powder, you just sprinkle firmware in your camera and tons of features will appear super easily!!! WHY DOES FUJI NOT SPRINKLE FIRMWARE IN MY CAMERA!!!!

Look at Apple with their general purpose computing platform, they do it, it's the same right, there is a screen and buttons so it must be the same!


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