Minimum aperture - do you ever use f/22?

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Re: Minimum aperture - do you ever use f/22?

SimonOL wrote:

Thank you for all the great answers!

For once, I'm actually glad I asked this sort of 'fundamental photography' question!

Whilst I can really see why f/22 can be useful for certain creative techniques, I'm still unsure of the usefulness of f/32 for macro?

Surely, the decrease in IQ would outway the advantage of a wide DOF?

In macro, would it generally be better to use a PP technique such as focus stacking rather than stop the lens down so far?

Or, are there similar 'creative' advantages of using f/32 in macro photography?


Stacking is only possible with inanimate objects... so when shooting insects, you do not really have the choice. Except if you shoot dead, very still/slow or frozen insects. Which some people do, as a matter of fact, just a question of ethics I suppose.

With the amount of OOF that you get in the picture, some limited softness can be acceptable, providing the subject is worth it. And usually in macro photography, the subject is worth it because it is something you cannot see with your own naked eyes.

I never use f22 or slower with normal pictures, because diffraction is then very visible. But again, if the subject is worth it, why not ? In the particular case of Sonyshine's picture above, his purpose was to have a long exposure to smoothen the water, and the little sharpness lost on the other elements of the picture is inconsequential.


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