Why is the body open?

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Not all cameras are open when lenses removed!

I bought the Sigma DSLR SD9 when it first appeared, in 2003 and still using it without any problems.  The Sigma Forum was beseiged for several years by owners of other cameras telling us what a load of cr^p it was and how it would not last.  Mine is still working perfectly and produces some stunning images, as does the later added SD14.

My equally old Kodak full frame DCS14n also produces excellent quality images (in good lighting) but has one major problem - like most DSLRs, the body is open when changing lenses.  Dust is a major PITA.  In both Sigmas - the SD9 has been cleaned three times in the ten years and the SD14, once.  Both Sigmas (and later Sigma DSLRs) have a protective glass in the camera body opening - designed of course -, so no problems optically and certainly greatly reduces the incidence of needing to clean the sensor.

Many cameras "open" to the World, as it were, get most internal dust from both changing lenses AND from using zooms that can suck in dust when being zoomed.

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