HELP...with editing photos!

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Re: HELP...with editing photos!

Photodug wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Photodug wrote:

My PC workflow:

Via memory card or camera, images are directly downloaded into Zoombrowser and store in files by date taken. I then import raw images into Lightroom 3 and process and then save into the original Zoombrowser file. Images can then be opened in PSE7 for further editing if needed.

Can you give me any good reason why you did not use LR for all these steps? LR can import directly from memory cards, it can rename files by date taken during import and it can create a folder structure based on date and copy the renamed files into that. And you can open images directly into PSE from LR and save them back into LR.

And all these things work identically on Macs as on PCs.

I just recently acquired LR and previously converted raw images in DPP so I had years of files organized in Zoombrowser on the PC. With the Mac I will want to import some of the images from the PC via flash drive.

While LR is a very powerful tool that once you know it let's you work quite efficiently, its UI is rather cluttered and at the beginning it can be a bit difficult to find what you want and to figure out what all of its capabilities are.

If I use LR to organize my images will I really need PSE? I am still learning LR and am not sure what advantages or additional editing options PSE might have over LR. It would be great to streamline my workflow.

You'll mainly need PSE for non-global adjustments although LR does offer some local adjustments, PSE gives you much options in this regard.

I just do basic photo editing, raw conversion, color adjustments, contrast, sharpening, noise reduction and cropping.

All these can easily be done in LR.

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