D5200 looks dam impressive!

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Re: D5200 looks dam impressive!

Adventsam wrote:

From what I can tell these are straight OOC, even so they look very natural, superb even. This camera looks like it can hold its own against any FF? Impressive stuff Nikon, I am very tempted to add this combo, the 300mm and 1.4x tele adapt look a mighty combo, great colour and detail.

Note: not my images.



Yes, D5200 really seems to be capable of producing excellent results! But that's what DSLRs are supposed to do when paired with quality glass (not to mention the one behind and the experience he/she brings in), aren't they? Is there anything unique to those images that can't be achieved by a D5100/D3200 with comparable lens and techniques? If it's there, I for one can't see it! OTOH, there are boatload of samples of D5200 in the same website - mostly using the kit lens, that can dampen the very spirit of 24mpx!
BTW, I was inches away from getting myself a D5100 last year when the news of D5200 announcement came to light. Like many others, I halted and have been waiting since in anticipation of higher pixel density and faster/more sophisticated AF module and pixel-peeping almost every sample. So far, I've found these -
* The default JPEG engine has remained the same as with every other current gen Nikon DSLR. SOOC JPEGs are soft, flat and less contrasty. Easy to add a bit punch and sharpness in PP but so can be done with any D5100/D3200. IMHO Nikon's JPEG rendering needs an overhaul.

*IQ at pixel-level bears no obvious sign of improvement when compared to D5100/D7K, as a matter fact it looks worse for some cases! Down-sampling might help restore the parity but also means additional work.

*Low light/high sensitivity performance is in-line with other Nikon/Sony sensors. The slight improvement is incremental rather than spectacular. D5200 has less chroma-noise than most of its peers at higher ISOs. Again at pixel level D5100 looks cleaner but this could be subjective. You may want to judge yourself  - http://www.flickr.com/photos/hsfc/sets/72157632561028172/with/8395474052/. Also ephotozine's samples are comparable.

*Some real world samples looks really blurry/OOF - makes you wonder about any potential mirror-slap issues as suggested by pocketlint.

*Obvious Banding in shadow areas as stated in another thread here at DPR! This could make the D5200 a hard bargain for some depending on how severe it is. Here, http://techworld24.com/reviews/hands-on-review-updated-nikon-d5200, look at the Hi2 image - there is clear banding even without any shadow recovery! Though I honestly don't know how the D5100 sensor would fare at those super-high sensitivities but I haven't seen anything like this with the 16mpx Sony sensor!

Overall, D5200 seems like a very good camera but I'm not convinced it's worth the extra 300 odd bucks. This could prove a nice DSLR for those who already have quality Nikon optics but for someone new to DSLRs I'm skeptical about what D5200 brings to table that other existing ones can not.

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