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Re: Harmony is the key.

Detail Man wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Paul De Bra wrote:

Glad to see that as moderator you could a small mark to a subject that something is OT. It would save readers looking for technically meaningful posts with pictures quite a bit of time not to have to wade through posts with images just posted "because we can" and want to be noticed.

I will do it. The only "problem" is that I can not be here 24 hours. And some post I may miss, that is why the wise complain is good. This forum have a high posting rate, it is not easy to see all. But I try.

I understand Paul's position. However, I don't think that this forum comes close to resembling a somber, rigorously studious meeting place of discussions surrounding M43 camera systems.

Many of the threads are created out of a social enthusiasm to share "my first snapshots", to babble and mumble and grumble about equipment and accessory selection and orders placed, as well as warranty repair experiences. Boring ? Sure. But should such threads be censored or sentenced to orphanhood on the "Off Topic" forum merely because they do not comport with some other mutual member's personal idea of some rigorous personal "standard of On Topic" ?

It seems to me if that were the case, there would not be much left off the cutting-room floor. Much of such posts do not interest me personally - but that does not mean that they should be silenced.

Ironically, some of the threads that delve into the more technical (often complicated, and surely of high interest to some members such as myself) matters of "what", "how" and "why" are criticized and condemned simply because the posts therein may happen to be hard for some readers to comprehend - where more reasonable persons would simply participate in other threads - or start one of their own that interests them personally. Tolerance for diversity is a healthy and a reasonable thing.

Yes, I think both kinds of threads can coexist without problem, We have to understand that the knowledge of the users about photography and techniques (and interests) are different, all must be respected. I like to see pictures and also readings about more complicated matters, others only like to see and comment pictures, each one have different tastes, it is a natural thing.

My grandmother used to say to me that harmony is one of the most important things in life.

I have seen much of the prior character of this and another DPR forum become more narrow, sterile, and self-conscious since the implementation of unpaid volunteer moderation by DPReview members. Less the case on this forum, but some of the other forums have gone through what I personally perceive to be rather unfortunate and disheartening transformations as a direct result.

In my viewpoint, the primary role of a forum administrator or moderator ought to be to protect posting members from overt personal attacks and intentional personalized derision by other posters who have no legitimate interest in the "whats", "whys", and "hows", and who (instead) seek to make issues out of the "whos" as other posters discuss technically related matters ...

... and not a role of creating an overly micro-managed "net-nanny-state" based solely upon one individual moderator visions, or based upon those who makes it a point to scream the loudest about forum content that they could (in most cases) simply ignore if they freely chose to do so.


The whole idea of a "forum" is a place of diverse public discussion. Nobody "owns" that process.

The term "moderator" means just that ... it does not mean "controller" or "magister" or "king". The tenor and morale of a forum has a lot to do with the respect that members have for those in whom hands the power editorial discretion is placed. It should be used sparingly and wisely.

Exactly, many see moderators like you have pointed, but the majority (I think) knows well what the reality is.

My impression is that you, Aleo, have a somewhat unique ability to recognize such considerations.


Hope you are right about me I am a sensible person, I always try to understand well all the reasons for the actions of the users here. I can learn reading the more complicated issues, and in the same manner the simple ones.

Wise words DM.

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