Why is EVF a negative thing?

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Re: My experiences on bird in fly

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

yihlee wrote:

For well-prepared shooting

  • Single shot, EVF = OVF
  • Short burst, EVF = OVF
  • Long burst, EVF < OVF

For unprepared oppertunity shot

  • EVF << OVF

A skillful EVF user may even the odd a bit, but won't pull it even.

Sony EVF is a luxury SUV, sleek, loaded, with tons of features. But it's not a true sprots car. Not yet, with current technology.

Show me a sequence you've shot with OVF that you can't with EVF.

I can't capture a similar sequence with EVF camera. I'm not skillful enough.

Can you do that with your EVF camera? Please, I love to see it. If you can't, will you please show me a link where I can admire someone else's work?

Or are we all mouth on this subject here?

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