Do RAW shooters use the Fuji X DR enhancement feature?

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Re: My understanding and experiences with DR modes

Bernie Ess wrote:

Initially I used the feature (auto DR and 200/ 400% DR) quite a lot, till I discovered that shots made with "400% dynamic range" came out terribly noisy in the mids and the darker tones, even when made in bright light and withe very short shutter speeds.

Then I learned that finally the enhanced DR is nothing different from what Nikon calls "D- lighting", Canon as a similar highlight protection mode.

What they all do is underexposing a ISO400/ 800 shot by 1 or 2 stops, and then bringing up the mids and shadows after the shot. Which leads to noise of course.

In my old S3pro/ S5pro the enhanced DR is a hardware mode with a second set of pixels dedicated to just the highlights, with 1 or 2 stops less sensitivity, and blended with the main pixel set. This leads to a wonderfully smooth highlight rolloff that is available from ISO100 to ISO 1000.

What speaks for the X-E1 is that the sensor base is the same as in the Nikon d7000/ Nex 5N/ Pentax K5, a sensor that has very clean shadows in low ISO and a very good DR. DXO measured it by 13,5-14 stops of DR at base ISO, almost the best ever measured.

However, what I don't understand is why that 400% DR mode is only available in ISO 800. Why don't they underexpose a shot at base ISO (=200) by 2 stops and bring up the shadows afterwards? Isn't ISO 200 the cleanest mode? As soon as I will have time, I will do the experiment and compare the camera internal ISO800/ DR400% shot with one manually underexposed and then brought up in post by 2 stops.

Maybe someone with better understanding can explain why this is only available in higher ISOs?



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ISO800/DR400 *is* ISO200, with shadows/midtones brought up two stops, to make the overall image ISO800.

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