If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Re: If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

Hi All,

Appreciate the most recent responses. Currently setting up for a shoot at the moment but thought with having a couple moments I'd respond to a few general comments made.
John, I agree, I personally liked the physical handling of the D800 somewhat better than the D600 and also preferred how it went about implementing certain things, It's Af was more responsive too. Based on these and a # of other factors, the D800 body is more attractive.

Yet my recommendation of a D600 for a wider audience who wants a mid to upper level DSLR fro all sorts of general picture taking is based on what I explained in my 1st two lengthy posts a # of hours ago. There is a reason Nikon made their short list of recommended lenses when used on the D800 and no such list exists for the D600. A similar recommendation was made by others for non Nikon lens. The D800 can be very demanding and selective in how it performs with lenses and even some of the best have certain optical difficulties when utilized on a D800.

Sure, one can pop on most any decent lens on the D800 and get some great looking shots...but if you want to challenge a 40MP MF digital camera, especially is large format printing, and allow the D800 to emulate a medium format digital camera, then only the best technique and best lenses utilized properly will accomplish this. Again a fact that many pro's that have both have already established. The way to see this is to rent a MFD camera and a D800, shoot them side by side in a wide variety of situations and print big. Like the MFD (such as the 645D), care handling and selective lens choices are mandatory. Shoot the D800 like a D700 and also use lenses that may be superb on all 12-16 MP bodies previously but don't quite live up to performing well on the D800...and the comparison to a MFD will be of lesser quality. Many who currently shoot with the D800 and like what they see on the web and even in print, often don't realize how much they are missing by not handling it more like a MFD and being extremely selective in their lens choices.

Let me leave you with a simple analogy. Lets say someone purchases a really great car that has the capability to perform well in a number of key areas. Order/use it with sub par tires and the smallest available engine and push it, and it's still a excellent car but it will perform well below what its capable of. This is how the D800 is often used...well below it's capabilities. Order this car with high performance tires and a larger higher performing engine, and it will perform closer to it's potential..all other things being equal, including the driver. The higher spec ed car will only perform at a higher level only if the driver knows how to take advantage of the bigger engine and tires that have the capability to perform at this higher level. If not, and the car is driven by the average commuter driver, both cars will perform more similarly that different and that driver, although loving the car for how it performs for themselves, may not realize how much more his vehicle is capable of.

Lastly the 645D system as I already said is no substitute for a 35mm FF camera...not in handling nor in price...period. If one wants a D800 to perform at similar levels to a MFD, the absolute best lenses and techniques must be employed, especially if large format prints is the desired output. Those Nikon/Zeiss lenses costs a fortune and when you add it up, compared to the current 645D price and many legacy lenses that sometimes on average cost between $250 and $600 (yes there are more expensive ones)...the cost difference between the system gets reduced. Many of those inexpensive legacy lenses perform extremely well on the 645D and some have been shown to outperform the current new $1000 55mm 645 lens. Of course they don't have weather sealing.

I should know about this performance. I tested multiple samples of every Pentax FA 645 single focal length lenses ever made and most of their zooms on the 645D and later on compared to some of Nikon's best on the D800. When your work is on the line, one must know the capabilities of their lenses and bodies when pushed.

I recall not too many years ago I posted regular here in the Pentax forums. At the time I also was heavily involved in shooting Nikon too. There were some well known regular Pentax forum members here that I privately tried to convince that as lovely as some of the Pentax DSLR offerings were, the performance level of Nikon's cameras and lenses at the time were far superior, especially for what they shot. It was difficult for them to see this as they simply liked/love the images they obtained from their Pentax. The differences on paper weren't so great...but that's just a bunch a #'s. A few finally made the switch (partly due to my urging) and it was at that very moment, they understood what it was all about. Some of them now are regular fairly well known Nikon forum members and wouldn't think of giving up their current system to go back to Nikon.

Once they actually and intensely began to shoot with Nikon they also began to see their results and how these changes benefited the quality of their images. Until then, they remained stubborn, often arguing for a system that didn't perform up to the levels of their current system. Again one has to get out there and use these cameras and bodies, day in and day out and compare. Only then will they be in a position to identify with the real advantages and disadvantages. The rest is simply some published specs, or random tests or looking at web images.

These published specs and a few random tests don't even begin to tell 2% of the story. Often times it's not desirable to do that...so the alternative is to listen and maybe digest info from those who have tested these camera and lenses extensively and learn to trust more as opposed to some who do knowing but argue their points endlessly...simply to want to always be "right". I cherish and find it refreshing when I learn something , especially if it turns my previous preconceived notions around...180 degrees.


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