FZ200 vs HS30…bought both…tested side by side...

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Re: FZ200 vs HS30…bought both…tested side by side...

jcmarfilph wrote:

samualson wrote:

What happened to the "How to deal with trolls thread" lol.

Who's troll here? You?

This topic's sole intent is to drive "Joms" completely insane , why else would you discuss an inferior Superzoom that hasn't placed better than fourth in the vast majority of pro reviews.

Insane? As I have said, the only insane pics are the galaxy shots. They are so beautiful.

Nobody is interested in the Fuji , nobody has been interested in the Fuji for a long long time .

Nobody? It rated higher in Amazon sales. Search Flickr, you'll find tons of Fuji users.

Not only is it not in the same league as the Panasonic , it hasn't even topped the second and third rated Superzoom's in years. Maybe someday it will manage a third place finish.

Rated by who? Incompetent reviewers who give lousy rating and awards?

Joms shows the exact same pics over and over and over in every thread, trying to prove his beloved Fuji's are worthy .

Not trying but showing.

He endlessly scours the internet for the worst pics of the much higher rated superzoom's and then does the same to uncover a few decent Fuji pics and thinks people will change their minds.

You are the one endlessly posting non-sense attack against me instead of posting relevant topic or pictures in this thread.

I can't even remember when Fuji beat Nikon or Canon let alone Panasonic.

It boils down to real-world results and not on lousy award/score given by the paid/bias reviewers.

-=[ Joms ]=-

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LUMIX FZ 50 , ahora FZ 200, conociendola....

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