Are crop sensors still relevant or should I just go FX in cropped mode

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Re: A Couple of Thoughts

Robin Casady wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

Anyone who has shot action at a distance that requires significant cropping will confirm that you don't get as good an IQ as action shot when the subject was filling the viewfinder.

And when a wing or hoof goes out of frame, your superior IQ is of little consequence.

Duh.  That's called using appropriate framing for your subject and it's likely motion.  You don't need a D800 for that.  Get the right lens and the right subject distance and perhaps the right zoom setting for whatever camera you have.  Photographers have been doing that for decades.  Nothing new here.   More cropping than needed will degrade your IQ.  The less cropping your have (with any digital camera), the higher your focus sensitivity will be, the higher your resolution, the lower your noise and the higher your DR.

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