Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Panasonic LX7 or Canon G15.

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Re: OT: m4/3 for kids

2eyesee wrote:

Just to give some background to my decision making, I have actually previously owned a Micro 4/3 and Sony NEX. The thing is I found is that I was never going to be someone who swapped lenses. I take mainly family photos, and I am never going to go out with 2-3 primes and be deciding what lens to use, swapping lenses etc - not to mention the price.

Then when these fast compacts came along - G15, LX7, RX100 etc - I decided what was the use in sticking with an interchangeable lens camera if I'm just using the kit lens? Sure, they have the advantage of a much larger sensor, but that's largely offset by the slower kit lens. In the end I just decided I would be better off with a premium compact that was easy to take out with me wherever I go, which was how I ended up with the RX100.

However, my initial enthusiasm for the RX100 (largely generated by early reviews) has been dampened somewhat by the shortcomings I have come across - so much so that I'm actually rather disappointed in it now and want to move on to something else.

Funny, so you share a lot of same uses for your camera, but we seem to be moving in opposite directions. You have been scaling down to compacts, and I am trying to scale up to bigger cameras for this particular usage (not general usage). For me, I like having the LX7 because when I'm out with my sons, I can live my double life doing street or landscape photography, and no one is the wiser. But for me, the absolute must have photos that I really care about are the photos of my son.

I should mention my flirtation with Panasonic m4/3 may be coming to an end. Apparently, the min shutter speed setting is unique to the LX series. Panasonic m4/3 cameras do not support this setting. Freezing motion with toddlers, for me, requires fixing the shutter speed in advance to a speed that will freeze motion. I want to be able to set it in advance, and have the camera shoot wide open at f/1.4 and then use the absolutely lowest ISO it can get away with to get the metered exposure. The min shutter speed setting in P mode is perfect for this workflow. I had no idea a min shutter speed was unique to the LX series and isn't available in larger sensored cameras. Looks like I have to continue my search with Olympus m4/3 or with APS-C.

For you 2eyesee, are you concerned about camera size/portability, and were you ever able to get used to shooting with primes, or do you prefer shooting with a zoom? If size/portability isn't an issue, maybe your issue is shooting with kit zooms. My impression is a lot of photographers have a lot of disdain for kit zooms, which often only add $100+ to the price of the body when you buy it. I was planning on buying a larger camera (m4/3 or APS-C) but using it primarily at or near home where the bulk would not be a problem. But I was going to buy a single bright, fast AF, prime lens at 35 mm or wider. Good lenses are not cheap, and it puts you in a different price point as well as photography approach entirely. Looking at m4/3, the one lens I was thinking about buying was a Leica 25 mm f/1.4 (50 mm EFL), which is a $500 lens. That's more than the cost of the LX7! But as I've said, I know kids is the niche where I demand a top performance level, so I'm willing to buy a much more expensive package, and everything else like landscape and street photography, quality is important but so is portability, so this is where the LX7 fits in my stable. I don't use the LX7 zoom at home much, I use a lot more foot zoom. So that's why I'm thinking a fixed prime (rangefinder style) m4/3 or APS-C might be what I need for the kids at home. I don't relish the idea of changing lenses, but that's why I'm only going to buy a body without a kit lens and buy one nice prime lens to start

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