Fuji X100 v Canon G1X - Assessment Test

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Re: Fuji X100 v Canon G1X - Assessment Test


I'm a DSLR and G1X owner who's used an X100 but declined to buy, and am heading for an XE1.

The Fuji's fast prime lens should be a better optic than a zoom.  (It's true in most cases, though not all the time.  If you want examples where it's not true, look at the posts about the Fuji 18/f2 versus the 18-55 zoom, or the Nikon 14-24/2.8.  The latter out-resolves the primes within its FL range).  It's no surprise that DPR's comment was made about the optics, but it's a camera as a system that makes pictures (and you can add your computer and your printer).

To move away from theory, they're both good cameras, but very different.  I've travelled extensively with a DSLR and kit, but have elected to leave it at home on the last few occasions.  They're heavy and bulky, and when you've dragged them around the world for six weeks you start to regret it.

I didn't buy the X100 because I know that I can't live with one FL.  I've tried before and it doesn't work for me.  The XE1 hadn't been released.  I bought the G1X.  It has an excellent lens/sensor/image engine and think it's IQ is excellent.  It certainly has the best IQ short of APSC and it's more compact than any DSLR or CSC when it's turned off.  The reason that I'm looking at the XE1 is the EVF with data, the classic controls and the excellent zoom lens.  The Canon tunnel VF is really only a back up for harsh light.  And I'd prefer external lens and other controls to the G1X's P&S approach.  I expect the X series to offer better IQ, but I expect to have to be picky to see it in general handheld usage.

I'd have bought the XE1 already if it weren't for that dang announcement about the on-sensor PDAF.... I'm sitting on the fence wondering how long they'll take to put that in the XE1s........

My $0.02c worth.  Enjoy whatever you buy.

Cheers, Rod

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