Which is best guide book for Nikon D5100?

Started Jun 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
thygocanberra Regular Member • Posts: 355
Re: None

disclaimer - I don't have a D5100 or a book about it.

But I have David Bausch's D60 book and the field guide for the D90. While i found the D60 book somewhat helpful as I read on forums etc thought it lacked info. I also thought it had a lot of padding in places and the tone was sometimes condescending. The field guide came with the D90 and frankly it was a disappointment.  I happened to see pages of a 'dummy's guide' for I forget which Nikon but did think "hey why weren't those other 2 books like that".

Having read the comments in this thread I am reminded to try and get Understanding Exposure, and maybe to try to get a Thom Hogan guide.

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