Some RX100 models show heavy color tint vignetting - Sony says it's normal.

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Some RX100 models show heavy color tint vignetting - Sony says it's normal.

This topic has been discussed for quite a while on a German forum. It was already posted here once but I want to bring it up again since there's new information. Everything started with a user who noticed a magenta tint gradient in some of his snow pictures. It wasn't a uniform tint across the picture but got heavier to the sides of the picture. It also was less apparent in situations where the lighting wasn't so good.

A heavy example of it can be seen here:

Since then this could be reproduced by other people in different situations - I'll post some examples on the end of this post. However, others posted test pictures that seem to indicate that not all models have this problem.

The user sent his camera in to the German Sony support for repair (this is done by a third party repair center in Germany). They changed the objective and the sensor. However, the repaired unit still showed at least similar results (see examples at end of post).

The user contacted them again and got the response that after consulting Sony about it, both his current camera and the one that was repaired are within the specifications so there is nothing that can be done.

Since I can also reproduce this with my camera I feel that this is just not acceptable for such an expensive camera. So I hope that some of the bigger review sites will have a look at this and contact Sony so they will do something about it. One user on the forum successfully applied a profile that he created from a grey card image to "repair" one of the pictures:

The image with the magenta gradient

The grey card image

The repaired image

So maybe Sony could provide a calibration program to do just this (however, since it depends on aperture and several other factors this might not be trivial.). If this is not possible they should replace the faulty units.

I realize that this is a problem that only applies to some special situations. But it shouldn't appear in a camera of this price (and at least if it appears it should be the same for all cameras and not just for some). Even with this, the RX100 is still a great camera but I'd like Sony to at least recognize the problem and try to come up with a fix.

Following a couple of examples of real-world and test images by different people including myself that show the effect. Since it is not visible on all (non-calibrated) monitors, I also attach a couple of versions with boosted saturation. There are many more pictures in the German thread - some that show the error and some that don't.

A real world example

Same image with boosted saturation.

A picture of a white wall taken with my camera - white balance done both in camera and on the computer

Saturation-boosted version of the same image

Picture of a white wall taken with the "repaired" camera mentioned above

Saturation-boosted version.

Sony RX100
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