If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Re: If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

Pontoneer wrote:

Obviously you have different price structures wherever you are !


Here in the UK , the (old) K5 still sells for around £750 ( body only ) , with the K5II being just under £800 and the K5IIS just under a grand ; for comparison the D800 sells for just over two grand .

Not in the UK I'm in, average price is £550 even Curry's can only ask £680

You maybe need to look up the prices you quote as they are way off the mark


k5 = £520

k5ii = £860

d800 = £2400


I have no idea what the Pounds/Dollars exchange rate is these days .

Doesn't matter my point is valid in Dollar or pound

I don't think it is at all unrealistic to expect a Pentax FF DSLR to cost a little less than a D800

I find this statement very telling , On what grounds should the Pentax be cheaper than the Nikon ?

Especially given Pentax costs are higher than Nikon so will cost them more on the base price.?

As has been alleged by others in this thread it is this expectation that Pentax operates as a charity that stops FF and expansive lens line ups for Pentax.

although I will still buy one even if it costs more than the Nikon .

2 x k5 = £1040 (as per you comment)

d800 = £2400

I commend you abandonment of the pixel race but what do you think your 7 year old istd does for Pentax bottom line.

What lens have you purchased recently etc etc

I'll even hazard a guess here you have a shed load of old PK FF glass that you want/expect pentax to provide a cheap FF body to support.

Reading back your posts not much of a guess you admit you only want a body to support your lens collection ...ergo zero profit on body and zero profit on sell through.

Hardly a compelling argument for Pentax to spend the development Yen is it.?

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With kind regards Derek.

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