Case of Sigma, DP3 Merrill, SPP 5.5

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Re: You don't have a clue

i am a retired photographer and need no SD1 . i have other camera's that give me good results in a lot of situations .

this samples may come from in camera jpg's and they can be down sampled etc.... but when you are not new to foveon you can see from the beginning to now the same "problems" over and over again .

+ the mediocre skills from sigma to produce a "decent" camera .

dust on sensor in a camera  you have no access to clean it !

i like the "foveon theory " but i have to wait until something better comes on the market than the actual sigma's .

i also am not a fan of the sharpness : to aggresive , not suitable for portrait . razor sharp :yes but "fine" detail ?

i have to stick with "bayer" for a longer time .


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