The importance of sensor types: APS-C or 4/3rd

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Re: The importance of sensor types: APS-C or 4/3rd

I think the differences between APS-C and 4/3rds are often overstated.  I´ve managed to get fairly similar shots with both (I´ve recently owned an Olympus EPL-1 and a Fuji X-Pro1).   APS-C is better at higher ISO and at blurring backgrounds but it´s a relatively small difference compared to FF and the newer sensor in the OM-D closes the high ISO gap somewhat.  Personally I´d base your decision more on what kind of photography you would like to do and what lenses are available.

The NEX sensor is bigger but the lens line-up is considerably worse and I´d personally find it too limiting - I like wide angle primes and the Sony 16mm doesn´t cut it.   In the end I went for the Fuji X system because I liked the lenses - not many but they suit what I wanted to do, especially with the new 14mm just out.  If it wasn´t for Fuji, I´d probably have waited for a new rangefinder style EP-whatever with the 12mm and 17mm primes, and probably been equally happy.  Have a look carefully at the lens line ups and bear in mind that Sony are going to release new ones soon.

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