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Re: Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

enrique santa wrote:

Hi Aleo. Im begining to be old here fisrt at 2006 i n 4/3 forum and now at this m 4/3. I usually post very little because I prefer to read and learn of some of the very vood photographers that usually post here but I spend hours joi ning this forums. Actually we are more members and there are a lot of people asking for questkons answered here a thousend times. Perhaps it would be usefull to remind all this people the search option this forum have.
Thank you very much for your time and effort here
Best greetings

Hi Enrique,

I agree, questions and answers repeat often. Dpreview advertise for the users to make a search first but almost no one cares. Me and the other moderator Jalywol already have warned and deleted or locked threads like that. It even happens that some users post the same threads again because they don't have got reply's. We are going to try do better on this kind of issue, But it is not easy, and with the increased number of new Micro 4/3 users things sometimes get a bit out of control, because we can not stay here 24 hours.

I have found it to be true (on the Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Forum, as well as on this forum) that (quite likely) very few posters who ask questions invest the time and energy to try to search previous threads and posts on the same subject.

It is (perhaps) human nature to prefer to ask the same old question(s) without prior research, and hope that others (who may have provided the same answers over and over) will come forth and make the effort themselves to revisit previously discusssed questons and issues.

That seems to be an (essentially) innocent (and not a deliberately executed) practice however, and it does not seem (to me) to warrant deletion of posts or threads on that basis alone.

On the other hand, people who post questions may have concerns that older related threads have since become soemwhat outdated - and this can be (and sometimes is indeed) the case.

Further, (IMO), DPReview's site-internal search-system (either the old implementation or the newer implementation) is woefully inadequate in it's operational functionality - to the point of being virtually unusable (where I am concerned). This came up yesterday in the following discussion:

tomhongkong wrote:

I don't know if this is the right forum to post this on, but hope the mods will leave it or someone take note.

I recently took an old panasonic FZ35 out of my drawer to give to my son, and was looking for general views on it and setting advice. The current forum search engine is fairly useless. If I enter 'FZ35' the posts recovered range from 2003 to 2013, I think it is selecting on FZ and ignoring the 35 part of the search argument. It seems impossible to find a key which will direct me to FZ35, without going through thousands of posts.

As an alternative way of getting to relevant posts, with the old forum set up, I could go to pages directly by number, so what I would have done is approximate to get to about September 2009, and look at posts from then onwards. That feature has gone, I can step back two pages at a time to previous posts, but it is tedious in the extreme in a forum with many pages.

Am I missing an easy way of either getting to FZ35, or to posts at about thetime it was introduced

thanks for ideas


I find that Google works much better. Use a search-string like this ("OR" must be capitalized): FZ35 OR DMC-FZ35

Google shows 23,100 "hits". The bulk of the posts by members will be on the (now named) Panasonic Compact Camera Talk (which was at the time named the Panasonic Talk Forum).

This search-string brings up 93,500 "hits" and is more specifically targeted for your interests: Panasonic Compact Camera Talk AND FZ35 OR Panasonic Compact Camera Talk AND DMC-FZ35

It appears that the old previous posts are now identified using the new forum name.

Logical "ANDs" can be added (which can be in either case of text). Remember that Boolean ANDs are evaluated before ORs - so you may need to replicate some ANDed search-terms if/when they are separated by ORs.


tomhongkong wrote:

Your advice on how to bypass the search facility on the forums worked very well. Thank you.

You are welcome, Tom. I have found (both the previous as well as) the "newer" DPReview search-function to (from my personal viewpoint) be wholly inadequate for my search applications.

Since the "new" search system has been implemented, for some reason(s) unknown, performing a Google search that simply states:

"dpreview" AND "X" AND "Y"

... now requires a high degree of specifity in correctly identifying words that appear in the posts searched for (which, of course, in your situation, you can only guess at) in order to typically yield only one or two direct "hits" to posts.

All the rest of the "hits" that appear are simply links to the same DPReview search-function that I find so universally non-useful and frustrating to the same DPReview search-function that I find so universally non-useful and frustrating to use.

Note that the key to accessing useful results via Google is to use the:

... preface in the search-string (no surrounding quotation marks required around the preface).

If that ability (to continue to access useful results) went away I would surely "tear my hair out" - as the DPReview system is (in my opinion) simply not viable for productive use. DPReview should simply use Google to implement their internal on-site searches.


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