Olympus 17mm F1.8 first impressions and sample gallery

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A couple of quick images with flash

Mal_In_Oz wrote:

Alessandro63 wrote:

Mal_In_Oz wrote:

Thanks for your comments Alessandro. I would have said the 20mm had the advantage across the board at all apertures, but especially wider apertures. I ticked the "remove CA" box in Lightroom to check but the 20 still looked better in the text on the left to me. Is there somewhere in particular you are looking that looks better in the 17mm images?

Look at "Turkey - Belize..." (top right) in the 20mm image and then in the 17. The ghosting in the 20 is terrible. (1.8 images)

Then the text to the extreme left: there, it is the 17 to have a bad ghosting.

Now, apart from my doubts about the OMD's stabilized/magnetically positioned sensor, I can't say anything worth reading. Perhaps also my doubts about the omd are not worth reading, but it looks like the sensor is moving/rotating in an unpredictable way, sometimes.

What I can say is that it's quite unuseful to analize the critical sharpness in some points of that images, given those... disasters (relatively speaking...) here and there on the borders.

Yes, the center of the 20mm images is sharper.


Of couse, that ghosting could depend on the lens and/or in the stretching process of the distortion correction. I'm saying I don't know, and my suppositions could be wrong.

Alessandro, I tried a few other lenses as part of a test of four lenses at 17mm , and the ghosting does not appear to be consistent. Even my 12-60 showed it at 0.5 second shutter speed and the 14-42 did not have a trace of it. Go figure.

I have run out of time to perform more tests, but when I get the time I will try a test using much faster shutter speeds.

Olympus 17 at f1.8 and f4. No ghosting from what I can tell, so will try the comparison again using flash to reduce any influence from sensor motion (or whatever it is causing the ghosting).


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